Welcome to the Sleiman research group

Associate Professor of Chemistry
McGill University

B.Sc. (American University of Beirut, 1985)
Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1990, Organic Chemistry)
Postdoctoral Fellow (Université Louis Pasteur, 1993-94, Supramolecular Chemistry)

Leo Yaffe Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2005
William Dawson Scholar (Canada Research Chair Tier II )
Research Corporation, Cottrell Scholar Award, 2002
McGill Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching, 2002

Member, Canadian Institute of Advanced Research (CIAR) Nanoelectronics Program
Member, Center for Self-Assembled Chemical Structures (CSACS)

e-mail: hanadi.sleiman@mcgill.ca


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Our research group is studying the interaction of small organic and inorganic molecules with DNA. We use this approach to design new DNA diagnostic tools, antitumor therapeutics, and higher-order DNA structures.

A second, equally active area in our group is the synthesis of advanced materials, using small molecules and polymers as building blocks. We are specifically interested in designing biomimetic materials, which can undergo self-assembly using non-covalent interactions, such as hydrogen bonding, van der Waals interactions, or weak metal coordination.

Our projects lie at the interface between synthetic chemistry, biological chemistry and materials science. They provide students with extensive training in small molecule synthesis, DNA and polymer chemistry, as well as molecular recognition and drug design.

Keywords: Supramolecular Chemistry, DNA Chemistry, Synthetic Polymers, Biomimetic Materials, Molecular Self-Assembly